X-Force: Sex and Violence

Browsing Marvel Unlimited’s selection always manages to help me stumble across old gems that I haven’t thought about in years. Today, that gem was X-Force: Sex and Violence. This 3 issue limited series came out in 2010 and was a quick and pleasurable read. I didn’t realize just how good it was though until I revisited it today.

Let me start by saying that this series is not for children or people with the tendency to be prudes and not like the fun things in life. OK, let’s get started!

The story is simple. Domino is in the crosshairs of the Assassins Guild and The Hand after freeing some sex slaves and making off with 237 million dollars of the Guilds cash. Wolverine gets involved and they have an adventure full of… well, sex and violence. It really is the most appropriate name for this series.

The story is great! It’s fast paced and fun. They make good use out of these 3 issues. I’m glad they didn’t try to stretch this into the more common 5 or 6 issues that a mini-series usually gets. That would have felt like too much, and honestly, less is more with a story like this.

The artwork of Gabriele Del’Otto was phenomenal. I enjoy this style. It shows just enough, yet leaves a lot to the imagination. The colors are dark and gritty which really helps the story feel even more violent. The action is brutal and gory. Everything a story featuring Domino and Wolverine should be. It allows them to stab, slice, and shoot with intent to kill. Something that never happens in the everyday X-Books.

The relationship between Dom and Wolvie is hot! You really want to see them go at it, and although not much is shown, you can imagine the bedroom antics between them is rough and sexy. This feels like a book we wouldn’t get in the current Marvel landscape. I miss these darker stories with blood, gore, and adult themes and I really want them to come back.

My final stamp on this book is one of approval. Seriously, go seek this out. It’s a fast read and a satisfying story. You can find the trade on Amazon or you can read it on Marvel Unlimited. Let me know what you think after you’re done!

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