NYX: More Than Just The Debut of X-23

I’ve been reading comics for a LONG time, but in 2003 I somehow missed NYX at my local comic shop. I had always assumed that X-23 made her comic debut in the X-23 comic.  Had I known she was debuting in NYX, I would have made sure that I had this on my pull list.

Like many people, I watched the animated series X-Men: Evolution. It was alright. Nothing compared to the ’92 series, but I did enjoy X-23 as an idea. To read her in NYX was mind-blowing. Of course I had already read the X-23 comic, but Laura in NYX was depressing. She had somehow wound up working for a pimp named Zebra Daddy, turning tricks with his more… deranged clientele. To be honest though, X-23 was my least favorite part of this comic.

The real star of the book was Kiden Nixon. A young girl who watched her dad die in a drive by right in front of her at a young age. That messed her up. She became a troubled teen and was always lying and stealing from her mom and getting into fights at school. She soon discovers that she has a special gift. She’s a mutant with the ability to slow down time.

I won’t spoil too much for you, but she gets herself into quite a predicament. A dark set of circumstances lead to her living on the streets. That’s what makes this series so strong. It has really dark, adult themes. I was surprised at how dark. I really enjoyed it though. That’s what I love about the X-Universe. You can have a fun superhero adventure in the pages of Uncanny X-Men, and then read a REALLY dark story about some teenage mutants living on the streets, eating out of dumpsters, sleeping with guys for their pimp, and doing drugs in a bathroom stall.

Overall, I say this is a must read. I went into this book looking forward to reading the debut of X-23, and left enjoying Kiden MUCH more. I’m not sure where Kiden’s story goes from here, but you can bet your ass I’m going to look it up and read every last issue with her in it. If you want to read NYX, you can find all seven issues on Marvel Unlimited. If you enjoy the trade version, it can be found on Amazon (make sure to use our Amazon link so you can help support our blog). Thank you all for reading!

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