Phoenix Resurrection #5 Review and Thoughts on the Series as a Whole

There you have it. Phoenix Resurrection #5 came out today and that wraps up this 5 issue mini-series Return of Jean Grey story. Was the series worth the hype, or did it fall flat? Let’s get into it. (SPOILERS GOING FORWARD)

This issue opens with Logan approaching Jean in the diner. The Phoenix Force doesn’t like that he’s there and we get to see some uncensored violence as Logan slashes Annie’s throat open. Jean realizes who she is and that this isn’t right. She blasts Logan out of the diner and approaches the X-Men who have been waiting outside.

She confronts the Phoenix and the two have a heart-to-heart about how Jean will no longer accept whatever the Phoenix wants. The Phoenix manifests Scott Summers and he and Jean get to share one last kiss before Jean breaks away from the Phoenix’s control. The issue ends with Kitty, Storm, Logan, Iceman, and Beast welcoming Jean home as she weeps by Cyclops’s withered dead body.

Alright, first my thoughts on this issue.

Wow. I wish every issue had been this good. The artwork was exceptional in this book and the story told was touching and left me wanting more when it ended. I guess that’s a good thing since the first issue of X-Men: Red comes out next week. It makes me curious what Jean will do now that she’s alive again. I thought Logan was great too.  I was delightfully shocked when he cut Annie’s throat open and then casually asks for a refill on his coffee. That’s the kind of Wolverine I want to see more often. As cool as that was, I must admit that my favorite part of the comic was when Jean gets to have a moment with Scott. For a minute I actually thought that we were getting him back as well.

Too bad Marvel doesn’t give us 2 for the price of 1 here. I’m sure when Cyclops makes his return we’ll get another mini-series that will be mediocre and over-priced like this series was. That being said, I thought Phoenix Resurrection as a whole was just OK. I feel like it could have been one giant sized issue. I wish it had been. Then it would have felt really fast paced and more exciting. At the end of the day, we have Jean back, and I guess that was the point. I am thrilled to see where her story goes from here. I’d really like it if the 5 time displaced X-Men would go back where they belong because I don’t want to see Jean meet her younger self. That’s been over-done with the two Icemen. I’d much rather see Jean and Rachael develop a solid relationship and go on some adventures together. That has the potential to be really fun storytelling.

I guess time will tell whether bringing the original Jean back was worth it. Knowing Marvel though, the most impactful thing coming off the heels of this arc will be a new red and black Phoenix Pop-Vinyl. I wanna hear what you guys think though, so leave me a comment telling us your thoughts on Phoenix Resurrection as a whole.

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