Why Did We Re-Brand?

You may have noticed that NerdPendium has become The Mutant Agenda. Why the name change? Well, the answer is simple: We love the X-Men. I know that seems obvious, but let me explain. We were watching a video about YouTube channels, and in the video the host suggested narrowing the scope of what you’re going for creatively. Since we knew we wanted to start a nerdy YouTube channel, this was music to our ears.

We were starting to get overwhelmed with the entire Marvel Universe hanging over our heads. There’s so much that we wanted to cover and we were running around confused by where we’d go next. Now we have a niche. Not only that, but it’s a niche that we are INSANELY passionate about! WE LOVE THE X-MEN! Not that we don’t love the rest of Marvel, but it’s nice to narrow our focus onto our favorite part of Marvel.

We’re heading in a fun direction for sure. We love what we’re doing and it’s a blast to re-read these comics and create content around those issues. We’ll be touching on the 60’s here and there, but we’re mainly starting with Giant-Size X-Men #1 and Chris Claremont’s run. We’re going to read the entire history of X-Books. This is a HUGE undertaking and it’s one that we don’t take lightly. This will be a project of passion and love. We hope you enjoy our read-through.

We’ll also be covering some newer issues as they’re released, as well as X-Men movie reviews, and possibly an animated series retrospective. We’re excited about tackling all of this rich history! It’s our new agenda. The Mutant Agenda.